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About Us

Strattech Partners, located in Devon, PA, is a consulting and venture capital firm that focuses on the development of growth stage companies. We offer CEO and CFO consulting services, operational consulting, and general financial consulting services, including treasury, general and strategic management services. Past engagements have included acting CFO assignments as well as interim Controller/VP Finance assignments, turnaround and restructuring assistance, and other positions related to implementing change within organizations. Venture Capital investments are done through Strattech Partners I, LP and through our affiliate Zon Capital Partners, an SBIC venture fund.

With over fifty years of combined corporate finance experience, the Managing Directors at Strattech Partners have developed a broad network of relationships in the technology general business and venture communities.

    Advisory Services

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Strategic Planning/Business Plans
  • Acting CFO Services
  • Turnaround Solutions
  • Venture Financing
  • IPO Positioning
  • Business Development
  • Managing Growth/Operations/System Development
  • Investment Banking & Commercial Banking Management
  • Acting Controller & VP Finance Services

    Investing & Funding

  • Venture Financing with a B2B Growth Stage Focus
  • Invest with Consulting and Strategic Planning
  • Direct Affiliation with Venture Capital Funding (Strattech Partners, I, LP, Rittenhouse Ventures)
  • Indirect Affiliations with Venture Funds (Edison Partners, Liberty Associates, Linx Partners, Brentwood Partners, and others)